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I don’t know about you, but this cooler-than-normal Minnesota spring has me yearning for the long summer days with sun so warm it burns my skin.  If summer could come sooner, I would even willingly accept the “h” word… humidity! It’s this longing for warmth that drove my initiative to revamp our three season porch. To be honest, I thought I might as well try to will summer upon us by getting my porch ready, because mother nature is not holding up her end of the bargain.

Here are humble pictures of the porch before the upgrade. The porch is a decent size, rich in warm browns and right off the recently updated kitchen. Honestly, it was a slight eye sore next to the updated kitchen with it’s beige-on-beige motif. This truly hurt my heart having such a beautiful kitchen with large glass windows looking out onto a drab space. The space has loads of potential that is used religiously by our family as an extended outdoor dining room and central gathering place for friends and family. The space was already designed for functionality, but desperately called for some increased tranquility and personality.

Armed with a nearly non-existent budget and less than an hour to shop, I hit the closest store to home, Walmart.  I had been dreaming of buying a blue rug for this space for nearly two years. Briskly walking through the Home & Garden section, I found a rug that was the perfect shade of blue. However the space called for a 9 by 13 foot rug and Wallyworld only had 6 by 9 foot rugs. If you know about rug sizes, 9 by 13 feet is not a common rug size to find at a box store. The stars aligned for this rug though. Pairing two rugs side by side we were able to replicate a 9 by 13 foot rug. We coupled the rugs with some beautiful throw pillows to pull out the blue tones from the rug and brought in some greenery for accent decor. We don’t always get lucky, but on this dreary cold Sunday we were able to transform this space into a peaceful and inviting oasis in the matter of hours.

Published by Sarah Ness

Based in Rochester, Minnesota, Nesst Companies is owned and operated by Sarah Ness, M.B.A. Not only does Sarah have experience staging residential homes, she works closely with local and national facility design and furnishing companies for the public sector in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota and has a successful track record of selling and staging luxury senior apartment homes. With experience from first time home buying to downsizing, Nesst Companies provides a wealth of knowledge and value to clients no matter where they are in their home buying and selling journey. Strengths Finder: Maximizer. Achiever. Communication. Woo. Activator.

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