Physical vs. Virtual Staging

Realtors and homeowners find themselves wrestling with the question of which staging technique to deploy at their property, physical or virtual. In a time when the pandemic has pushed us to think differently about the ways in which we use technology, virtual staging has gained traction over the recent months. However traditional physical staging stands the test of time since its inception in the 1970’s. To decide which investment provides the highest return and value, home sellers and realtors should decide on the true goal of deploying the staging strategy. The most common goal is to sell the home for the maximum potential in the least amount of time.

In order to achieve maximum potential, it is important to understand buying behavior. According to the National Association of Realtors, 97% of home buyers used the internet to search for a home. This set a record over previous years. Thus, home sellers must make a good first impression through pictures to create property awareness. These pictures must give off a light and livable vibe that showcases the best features of the home and feels spacious. The key preparation to accomplish this is a balanced and strategic design concept.

The second and most important step tasked to home sellers and realtors is to convert awareness of the property into serious interest for one or more potential home buyers. Often this interest translates to written offers. The conversion from awareness to interest happens when the potential buyer makes an emotional connection to the space. While virtual staging gives you a platform to showcase your home online, physical staging ensures that the house looks and feels just as good as it did online.

Staging: The Only Cost That Makes Home Sellers Money

While there are many home seller services available that relive stress and expedite the process for you, professional staging is the only service with a track record of high Return on Investment (ROI).

Professional stagers use their knowledge of design styles, real estate ethics, and property renovation solutions to showcase the best features of your house, keep customer’s eyes moving past the nuances, and helps you reach you reach your financial goals. Staging helps you properly merchandise your home so it appeals to the largest customer base, maximizing the marketability of your property.

According to the 2020 Survey of Staged Homes by RASA, 85% of staged homes sold for 5-23% over list price. Stagers objectively view your property and provide recommendations to improve your ROI. This same survey noted that an average investment of 1% led to 75% of sellers seeing an increased ROI of 5-15% over asking price with the property selling faster than unstaged properties, averaging only 23 days on the market.

Professionally staged properties:

  • Show better in pictures and in person
  • Are positioned as well maintained in buyers minds
  • Are more likely to be shown by buyer’s agents as they are recognized as move in ready.

Professional home stagers can work within your budget to help you invest in the right projects that provide the highest ROI. Home stagers can make recommendations from paint color, fixture and finish upgrade prioritization, floor plan design, knowing what should stay and what should be packed up, upgrades or renovations, and a network to complete it all.

Let There Be Light | Home Staging |Rochester, MN

Do you ever wonder why some people’s online house photos seem picturesque as if straight out of a magazine? The answer is light! Light is one of the most important elements to focus on when prepping your home.  Light makes homes feel clean, inviting and significantly larger.  Below are three easy light hacks to capture amazing photos for the sale of your home.

  1. Remove or replace your window treatments and open the blinds. Remove any black out curtain or light filtering window treatments. If window treatments are needed, use a fresh white sheer curtain. Pull blinds all the way open.
  2. Clean windows. Grab the Windex and start wiping. Remove dirt, debris, and water marks from windows.   
  3. Change out all light bulbs to be the same. Nothing is more apparent than missing, burnt out, or various shades of light bulbs. Stay consistent with light bulb color throughout the house. Daylight colored lights enhance the feel of clean windows and natural light coming into the space.

Make Your Porch Pop |Home Staging| Rochester, MN

I don’t know about you, but this cooler-than-normal Minnesota spring has me yearning for the long summer days with sun so warm it burns my skin.  If summer could come sooner, I would even willingly accept the “h” word… humidity! It’s this longing for warmth that drove my initiative to revamp our three season porch. To be honest, I thought I might as well try to will summer upon us by getting my porch ready, because mother nature is not holding up her end of the bargain.

Here are humble pictures of the porch before the upgrade. The porch is a decent size, rich in warm browns and right off the recently updated kitchen. Honestly, it was a slight eye sore next to the updated kitchen with it’s beige-on-beige motif. This truly hurt my heart having such a beautiful kitchen with large glass windows looking out onto a drab space. The space has loads of potential that is used religiously by our family as an extended outdoor dining room and central gathering place for friends and family. The space was already designed for functionality, but desperately called for some increased tranquility and personality.

Armed with a nearly non-existent budget and less than an hour to shop, I hit the closest store to home, Walmart.  I had been dreaming of buying a blue rug for this space for nearly two years. Briskly walking through the Home & Garden section, I found a rug that was the perfect shade of blue. However the space called for a 9 by 13 foot rug and Wallyworld only had 6 by 9 foot rugs. If you know about rug sizes, 9 by 13 feet is not a common rug size to find at a box store. The stars aligned for this rug though. Pairing two rugs side by side we were able to replicate a 9 by 13 foot rug. We coupled the rugs with some beautiful throw pillows to pull out the blue tones from the rug and brought in some greenery for accent decor. We don’t always get lucky, but on this dreary cold Sunday we were able to transform this space into a peaceful and inviting oasis in the matter of hours.

Taking Good Staging to Great Using Creativity| Home Staging | Rochester, MN

How do you grab a buyer’s attention when they’ve already looked at numerous properties that day? How do you stand out among all the other homes with granite counters, stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors? The answer might surprise you. Staging!

Anyone can put artwork and furniture in a room and call it staged. What sets apart an average home stager from a great home stager? Creativity!

“Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.” Human Motivations, 3rd ed., by Robert E. Franken (page 336).

Creativity is not something that can be learned; it’s an innate quality.  The best home stagers use their craft to visually communicate to potential home buyers the use of the home. This is  done through creating a corner, a vignette, or a niche with something that transcends the buyers senses letting them dream of a new life. It could be one item, a grouping, a particular accent color, or something special and unexpected and yet familiar, all at the same time.

Creativity solves problems. Staging helps to create maximum impact through careful deliberation and strategic intention. Often furniture is analyzed to see if fits aesthetically and spatially in certain rooms, art is strategically placed to draw the eye in certain directions, and decor is delicately placed in precise locations to keep the eye focused on the best qualities of the home.

At the end of the day, home stagers are in the business of selling homes. Stagers with creativity in their toolbox is crucial to getting the job done. Let Nesst Companies be the key tool in your toolbox to achieving a sold sign on your property today.

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