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When showing your home off to friends or having an open house, remember that smells can make or break an experience for your guests. Bad smells will make people run for the hills! Have you ever smelled rotten eggs in your home and thought, “Huh? Funny. I don’t remember making eggs?” Four words of advice. Check your garbage disposal. Many times people forget to run water through their garbage disposal every week or rarely clean it out. The muck and grime can start to waft something overwhelming if not attended to.

Here are three quick and easy ways to prevent or eliminate the funk. First throw a bunch of whole ice cubes down the disposal and run it. As the ice breaks down it will chip away at the buildup. For those of you who like science experiments, tip two is right up your alley! Second pour baking soda down the disposal. Don’t be frugal. Then carefully pour vinegar down the disposal as your turn the disposal on. Watch as the two chemicals cause a cool volcano-like eruption. This will remove the loose debris and deodorize your sink. Third run water and turn on the disposal to rinse out leftover chemicals. Repeat this every few weeks to keep our home smelling fresh.

If this is your first time smelling the rotten eggs and you’ve always been good at cleaning out your disposal, you could have a gas leak in the house. In this case, evacuate your home to a safe distance and call the gas company immediately. Yes, gas smells like rotten eggs now to make homeowners aware that there could be a problem.  Better to be safe than sorry. Best case scenario, the gas company comes to find zero leaks and a dirty garbage disposal.  kitchen sink

Published by Sarah Ness

Based in Rochester, Minnesota, Nesst Companies is owned and operated by Sarah Ness, M.B.A. Not only does Sarah have experience staging residential homes, she works closely with local and national facility design and furnishing companies for the public sector in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota and has a successful track record of selling and staging luxury senior apartment homes. With experience from first time home buying to downsizing, Nesst Companies provides a wealth of knowledge and value to clients no matter where they are in their home buying and selling journey. Strengths Finder: Maximizer. Achiever. Communication. Woo. Activator.

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