Is Staging Necessary in a Sellers Market? | Home Staging | Rochester, MN

All signs point to spring of 2019 as a sellers market again. Thus, I was recently asked, “In a sellers market, do I really need to stage my home?” My honest answer… yes!

Staging is necessary for two reasons. First, a staged home results in better photos. Photos are your home’s currency online, and the more appealing they are the more views your listing will receive. A new listing gets three times more views in its first week on the market than at any time after that. First impressions matter.

Tip: Launch your home’s debut listing fully staged, rather than waiting to “see how it goes” and investing in staging if the home doesn’t sell.

Second, staging allows buyers to understand how they would actually live in the home. The typical person shopping for a home isn’t a trained designer and won’t naturally envision how an empty space could function.

Staging can also help overcome challenges such as odd angles or demonstrate how creating “zones” within a small space make it more functional than it may appear when vacant.

Transforming Your Kitchen for $251 | Home Staging | Rochester, MN

They say kitchens are the heart of the home, core of the castle, and the rock of the residence. This is the first room you notice when you walk into someone else’s house. It’s where egg beaters are licked by small kids while cooking with parents, where laughs and conversations flow over drinks with friends and family, and where parents and kids attempt homework. If a majority of your time is spent in the kitchen, why not make this space your very own oasis?

Meet Dan. This jack of all trades, handyman, father, pharmacy technician, and golf enthusiast took our kitchen from boring beige-on-beige-on-beige to the ultimate gray retreat. With a strategic plan in design and concept, a next to nothing budget, and some amazing black Friday deals, Dan transformed this space in a few short weeks for $251.00!

$100 – Glass Tiled Backsplash (Menards)

$10 – Grout (Menards)

$0 – Morter

$90 – GFI Outlet Upgrades, Switches, & Covers (Menards)

$35 – Paint (Sherwin Williams)

$16 – Cabinet Puck Lights (Amazon)

Project Total: $251

Running Out of Womb | Home Staging | Rochester, MN

Meet Melissa. Melissa will soon be a mother of two with a six year old and a little one on the way. Entering the home stretch of her pregnancy, Melissa needed an easy and manageable plan to make existing furniture from a previous home work in a smaller space. She also wanted to incorporate an adorable rocking chair gifted from a friend. Nesst Companies worked with Melissa to determine a neutral color pallet that would complement her existing decor and furniture, showed her how to strategically place furniture to maximize the space and function of the room, and suggested local retailers to find missing pieces she was looking for.

“Sarah incorporated my vision and must haves for the room. I was impressed with how easy and fun the process was.” –Melissa, Rochester, MN

4 Reasons to Invest In An Area Rug | Home Staging | Rochester, MN

So you’ve made it through your first holiday of the winter season. As you move into the action packed holiday month of December and look to continue your entertaining duties, you might realize an area rug is an essential element to add some warmth and pull your space together. Rugs can help pull together otherwise seemingly disjointed spaces, blend styles, and can move with you to your next home. Below are some of the top reasons your space might need a well placed area rug. 


Not only can rugs change the look and mood of room, but rugs can be switched out quickly to change the color scheme and style of a room.  


Rugs are used to reduce noise, warm spaces, and protect your floors.


A well placed area rug can introduce structure to an open concept floor plan or link dissimilar furnishings.


A large, light, or colorful area rug can also be used to energize a room and show off your aesthetic.

Creating Function and Purpose for the Holidays | Home Staging | Rochester, MN

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When selling your home, potential buyers need to see the purpose of a room to recognize the potential of the space and visualize their furniture in your home. When you add the element of entertaining for the holidays into the mix, things get even trickier. Stagers, like Nesst Companies, are professionals equipped to get cluttered and confusing spaces in order with purpose and functionality.

In most cases, a room like this would be staged as a bedroom. However, this client needed to balance the purpose of the room with the function of hosting for the holidays. As an empty nester, this client needed a space to entertain and dine with her growing family for holiday gatherings. These needs coupled with potential buyers needs to visualize purpose created a simple solution, a formal dining room. Using the current furniture of the client’s, Nesst Companies developed a strategy to help maximize space, showcase the best elements of the room, and allow for flexibility to entertain over the holidays.


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