Staging: The Only Cost That Makes Home Sellers Money

While there are many home seller services available that relive stress and expedite the process for you, professional staging is the only service with a track record of high Return on Investment (ROI).

Professional stagers use their knowledge of design styles, real estate ethics, and property renovation solutions to showcase the best features of your house, keep customer’s eyes moving past the nuances, and helps you reach you reach your financial goals. Staging helps you properly merchandise your home so it appeals to the largest customer base, maximizing the marketability of your property.

According to the 2020 Survey of Staged Homes by RASA, 85% of staged homes sold for 5-23% over list price. Stagers objectively view your property and provide recommendations to improve your ROI. This same survey noted that an average investment of 1% led to 75% of sellers seeing an increased ROI of 5-15% over asking price with the property selling faster than unstaged properties, averaging only 23 days on the market.

Professionally staged properties:

  • Show better in pictures and in person
  • Are positioned as well maintained in buyers minds
  • Are more likely to be shown by buyer’s agents as they are recognized as move in ready.

Professional home stagers can work within your budget to help you invest in the right projects that provide the highest ROI. Home stagers can make recommendations from paint color, fixture and finish upgrade prioritization, floor plan design, knowing what should stay and what should be packed up, upgrades or renovations, and a network to complete it all.

Published by Sarah Ness

Based in Rochester, Minnesota, Nesst Companies is owned and operated by Sarah Ness, M.B.A. Not only does Sarah have experience staging residential homes, she works closely with local and national facility design and furnishing companies for the public sector in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota and has a successful track record of selling and staging luxury senior apartment homes. With experience from first time home buying to downsizing, Nesst Companies provides a wealth of knowledge and value to clients no matter where they are in their home buying and selling journey. Strengths Finder: Maximizer. Achiever. Communication. Woo. Activator.

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