Home Staging vs.Decorating. What’s the difference? |Home Staging | Rochester, MN

You may be wondering what the difference is between home staging and decorating. Trust me you are not alone!  Home staging means to prepare a home for sale and strategically emphasize the best features of the home in order to make it a quick and profitable sale. Decorating refers to the act of working with a homeowner to personalize a design for their space.

Home Staging

In additional to accentuating the best features of the home, stagers use concepts that visually create square footage and implement  strategies that will appeal to a number of potential home buyers.

Interior Design

Interior designers ensure that a homeowner’s personal aesthetic is incorporated with the functionality that they need for daily life. This would include customizing furniture, paint, and flooring to a homeowner’s personal style.

At Nesst Companies, our professional home stagers are always available to help depersonalize your space, get it looking its best, and get it ready to sell.

Published by Sarah Ness

Based in Rochester, Minnesota, Nesst Companies is owned and operated by Sarah Ness, M.B.A. Not only does Sarah have experience staging residential homes, she works closely with local and national facility design and furnishing companies for the public sector in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota and has a successful track record of selling and staging luxury senior apartment homes. With experience from first time home buying to downsizing, Nesst Companies provides a wealth of knowledge and value to clients no matter where they are in their home buying and selling journey. Strengths Finder: Maximizer. Achiever. Communication. Woo. Activator.

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